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24mm – 36 rolls per box – 9 rolls per sleeve
36mm –  24 rolls per box – 6 rolls per sleeve
48mm  – 20 rolls per box – 5 rolls per sleeve
Optimum110°C by Demon Tape™ is a premium automotive masking tape which has been specifically developed for automotive refinishing, detailing & spray painting professionals.
One of the only masking tapes specifically manufactured to minimise the density of its tape, helping reduce hard paint lines, while maintaining a high tensile strength.
This produces a strong masking tape with superior flexibility, resulting in its ability to easily curve with minimal splitting or lifting, yet being able to repel both solvent & water based paints with absolutely no penetration or bleeding

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Sleeve 1", Sleeve 1.5", Sleeve 2", Box 1", Box 1.5", Box 2"