MultiMix Multiwheel+MultiCure 1.5ltr kit

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MULTI-WHEEL DTM CLEAR is a specially formulated 2K clearcoat for use on metals and some cases plastics. This clearcoat is especially suited for direct application to bare alloy wheels and also has great adhesion on plastic headlights and tail lights.

Unlike other ‘DTM’ clearcoats on the market this clear is actually formulated using special resins that have been laboratory tested on various metals and plastics for adhesion.

Due to the solid content of this clearcoat it means that we was unable to make this a 2:1 clear but instead made it a 3:1 mix with HS Hardener. This was to keep the solid content high and reduce the solvent content. This clearcoat is extremely durable and can be used in many different applications. Anywhere were durability is needed but high gloss such as Alloy wheels, headlights and taillights or even door handles.

It is best used without thinner but up to 10% may be added for certain applications. Try adjusting spraying equipment first.

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