MultiMix 2K clearcoat+hardner


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2k MULTI-CLEAR is a clearcoat designed with both price and quality in mind. It’s a budget clear. Something that could be used on general jobs or trade work.


Don’t worry, it’s a budget clear but we’ve formulated this to get the best quality out of the price point. Long term results during testing have shown great gloss levels and non yellowing. During testing it was also mentioned that this clear is a good all-rounder which is where it got its name from. This is an MS clear but has higher than usual solids for an MS clear which is why it is not called MS clear on the tin. For best results it is recommended that 2 full coats are applied with a 5 minute flash off in-between. 10% thinner can be applied if needed but it is recommended to try it without and adjust spray gun settings if needed. Available with standard, fast and extra fast hardener for different speeds.