Gerko 2:1 UHS Speed Clearcoat 7.5Ltr


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Gerko speed clearcoat UHS is a clearcoat qualified for extremely short curing times.

Clearcoat can be polished already after 2 hours at 20°C or after 5 minutes at 60°C.

Long open time allows to paint large areas and entire cars.

The coating has a high gloss, high hardness and scratch resistance.

Due to the technology and properties of the Gerko speed clearcoat UHS, hardener occurs in one universal type.


  • extremely fast drying
  • can be used for air drying
  • significant energy savings
  • high gloss level
  • excellent flow properties
  • for smal to big paint works
  • can be diluted 0-5%
  • 2 full layer system